Unless you’re throw logs onto a fire, it isn’t normal for your AC to give off a burning odor. Whether you notice a faint or strong burning smell that is coming from your heat pump or furnace, you may consider having it checked by a professional. The safety of your family comes first, and you want to be prepared should any noticeable odor lingers in your home. Before you call the pros, this check list will present you with some of the top reasons why you’re experiencing the burning smell in your home.


It’s Electric

If you’re noticing a slight distinct electrical odor associated with a burning smell, you will need to contact you technician immediately. This could be a sign that there are serious issues with one of the major components in the system. As soon you notice this odor, don’t wait to contact your technician, especially if this is related to the electric.

Clogged and Dirty Filter

Whether you have a propane, gas, or oil furnace, over time they collect dirt and eventually get clogged if not cleaned properly. Your oil filter will give off a distinct oily odor while your propane or gas furnace will give a hot and burning smell. For health reasons alone, it is crucial to change your filter to prevent allergens and reduce the amount of dust in your home. It is highly important to start each season with a brand new filter to prevent the air in your home to become stale or musty as well. It is an extreme fire hazard if not changed from time to time. It is a simple process that you can do on your own or a technician can assist with if you aren’t sure.

Something Smells Rotten

A rotten egg odor is most unpleasant and is usually a good indicator that something has gone awry with your furnace and should be taken seriously the moment you notice it. This particular odor is related to a gas to let techs and homeowners know that there is a leak in the furnace because gas is usually an undetectable scent. A gas leak is no joke, and if left unattended, could cause an explosion in the house. Turn off your furnace immediately and open the windows to allow fresh air flow through the home. Next, leave your home and wait for the technician to arrive.

Water, Water Everywhere

Although basements problems are not an issue in South Florida, water damage can still be an issue. If you notice a musty or mildew odor throughout your home, chances are that there is leak with somewhere. You might notice it during the hot and humid summer months but it can happen during the cooler Florida months as well. Check attics, closest or rooms in your home for spots or leaks within the walls. Water damage may even occur to the air handler and ducts as well and you will need to have them cleaned. Mold and mildew is no joke, especially in a climate that stays relatively warm all year around. It’s highly recombined to have a technician come and clean the ducts. In the meantime, a dehumidifier will rid the access moisture and filter the air.