Air conditioning units are in nearly 100 millions homes. But some of those homes could be housing the wrong sized unit. The size of your HVAC unit could be the cause of your high energy bill. If you get a unit that’s too big or too small, your AC will not efficiently cool your home. So how do you know if you have the right size AC for your home? Here are some basic steps to walk you through.

Determining Your Cooling Load

When the warm weather hits, you pull out the AC unit and install it into the window. But have you considered the appropriate dimensions of your AC unit in comparison to the room that it’s cooling? Most homeowners or renters only know of the after effects when an AC unit is in place: whether it’s not cooling enough or is just right. And then they crank up the AC thinking the lower the setting, the better. An expert HVAC service in Palm City will go the extra mile and use the Manual J calculation on your home to determine the appropriate size. The Manual J, a product developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), is a method that professionals use for HVAC accuracy within the home. It’s known for being the most efficient and precise model to calculate the appropriate size of your HVAC system to your home, not just the square footage. It considers the important factors of your home such as sunlight and natural shading, heat-generating appliances, the amount of insulation and the quality, how many people are using the space/home, ductwork, and climate zone. Your local AC service in Palm City can help provide this service when you are ready for AC installation.

Another method of determination is square footage measurements. This is a great way to get an idea of the AC unit but shouldn’t be used as an overall determination. Average sized homes use this method to determine the BTU’s (British Thermal Units) that are required to efficiently cool a home. Any homeowner with a home above 2,500 SF should seek guidance from a professional for accuracy.

Determining Which AC Unit to Buy

The information on the internet and from close friends and neighbors is helpful, but the knowledge of an expert is crucial. In fact, they can guarantee that your AC unit will not only properly fit your home, but they will install it correctly. You can experience efficient airflow throughout your home. Improper installation of your AC can lead to insufficient air flow and higher monthly cost.

Now that you understand what elements to go with when choosing your AC unit, it’s time to call your local AC service in Palm City to help you choose the model that’s right for you and your home. AirXperts are fully license professionals ready to tackle all your HVAC needs. Call us for an estimate today!