The last thing any homeowner wants is to need an emergency air conditioning repair in the middle of a Palm City summer. However, since summer is the time of year when your AC needs to work extra hard, it is also the time of year when emergency air conditioning repairs in Palm City are at an all time high. If your AC does go out during the summer months there’s no need to stress. While waiting for a repair you can try some of these temporary solutions to cool down your home!

Close your windows and doors

If your AC unit goes out during the Florida summer, you’ll want to keep all the cool air you can inside. While you might be used to opening a window to cool down when it’s hot, in this instance it is not the best course of action. The air outside your home will be much hotter than the air inside during the summer months; you don’t want to let your precious cool air escape through an open window only for it to be replaced by hot, humid air.

Cover your windows

Drawing the shades or blinds is another easy way to keep your house cool when your AC is not working. The sun is a powerful heat source and can easily heat up a room through an unobstructed window. Blocking the sun will keep its rays from heating up the air in your home and ultimately keep it cooler for longer.

Use fans

Moving air is always cooler than still air, so plugging in a fan or using your home’s ceiling fans is a great way to keep your house cool. Ceiling fans are ideal because they circulate and help cool the hot air that has risen and disperse it throughout the room. If you only have access to standing fans makes sure to place them strategically throughout your home. While it’s nice to plop yourself on the couch in front of a fan, it’s hard to enjoy the fan with others.

Turn off the lights

Not only will turning off your lights during the day save energy, it can actually help cool down your home. While very minor, there is heat coming from your interior lighting. Turning off your lights, especially during the hottest times of the day, can really make a difference.


It’s important to hydrate to make sure you are able to stay cool. You lose water and become dehydrated in hot climates. Staying hydrated will keep you body temperature low and avoid symptoms of dehydration or overheating.

Wear cotton

Cotton is a lighter and more breathable fabric than most. To stay cool while you are waiting for an emergency air conditioner repair, change your sheets and clothing to a cotton fabric to help keep you cool.

Visit family or friends

If you find your home is still too hot despite all your efforts it might be time to call up some friends or family and pay them a visit. Sometimes all you need is a few hours in air conditioning to cool down. If you don’t have friends or family in the area you could always go wander around the mall or see a movie!