So you live in a coastal city where the weather is hot, the humidity is high, and with summer just around the corner it might be time to upgrade your window AC unit to a central air conditioning system. But how does central air conditioning work and what makes it a better AC system for Florida residents in the Palm City area?

First, what is central air conditioning?

According to the Department of Energy, central air conditioners use a series of supply ducts and registers to circulate cool air evenly throughout a living space or home. Registers are the commonly seen openings in your walls, ceilings or floors that are covered by grills. Central air conditioners can either be a split-system or a packaged system. The only main difference between these two systems is the location of the evaporator. In a split-system, the evaporator is placed inside, usually with the water heater and furnace, while the air conditioner’s compressor and condenser are placed outside. A packaged air conditioning system keeps all parts of the system together and is then either installed on the roof or next to the house or building.

How does it work?

Central air conditioners use a chain of supply and return ducts to push fresh, cool air into the home. The supply ducts ventilate cool air from the air conditioner throughout the home while simultaneously circulating out the warmer, old air through the return ducts. Part of a central air-cooling system is the ability to dehumidify the air, however if you live in a high-humidity area like Palm City, you may want to consider investing in a dehumidifier.

Why central air conditioning?

Central air conditioning systems are overall more energy-efficient and cost-effective for cooling spaces with three or more rooms. While it may seem financially wiser to install window AC units in each room of your home you wish to cool, in actuality, it is not. Three window AC units collectively use more energy than one central air conditioning system because the transition between cooling zones causes you to ‘leak’ cool air. Singular air conditioning units, such as window units, are not as effective of bridging multiple cooling zones, meaning those units are working harder and less effectively to cool the same space, and effectively raising your monthly energy bill. Since central air conditioning systems circulate air evenly throughout all cooling zones, making them the obvious choice for homeowners who wish to cool an entire home successfully and economically.

How do you know it’s time for a repair?

If you are experiencing any of the following issues it may be time to call your local central air conditioning repair shop:

  • Loud or unusual noises
  • Moisture build-up around the AC unit
  • Bad odor
  • Warm air or humidity
  • Poor or no airflow

Central air conditioning systems are essential to providing a consistently cool and comfortable home environment. Get ahead of the Palm City, Florida summer heat and schedule your central air conditioning repair today!