Summer is great for the ones who love it and anticipate it, but the ones who don’t like it at all will be sitting inside their home with their air conditioner. Many people try to avoid the heat of summer, so most of us love to bask in the air conditioning – but have you ever thought of treating your AC unit in a better manner so that it treats you the same in return? As we all know, the air conditioner is a man-made machine, but it still needs attention too in order to work efficiently and effectively. So, to get the best out of these AC units, keep these steps in your mind to enjoy uninterrupted cooler summers.

  • The Size of Your Air Conditioner

We all know that happiness comes in every size and so do air conditioners. The size of your AC unit plays a vital role in the process of cooling a room, as it should always match the space, which is required for proper cooling. For example, a bigger unit in a small room will cause the room to be over cooled and the electric bill will be very high as it uses up a lot of energy. However, with a smaller AC unit in a big room will also not work and consume more power – ultimately it will lead to ineffective cooling.

The best way to choose the size of an air conditioning unit is to go through an online tonnage calculator. A tonnage calculator is specifically intended to calculate the exact capacity. It calculates the tonnage on the basics of the length, width and height of the room.

  • Installation

We usually place the outdoor air conditioners outside the house and forget about them, but it’s important to remember that the AC unit’s well-being is important. In most homes, outdoor air conditioning units are subject to direct sunlight and are therefore exposed to high-intensity heat and eventually loses effectiveness within a shorter span of time due to the heat from the sun. So while installing your outdoor unit, try to install it into a shaded area.

  • Clean the Coils

Cleaning the coils is one the toughest job one can ever witness. However, if you want your Air Conditioner to run smoothly and efficiently, you need to ensure that the coils are cleaned well. Air conditioner coils and filters must be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals for consistent and effective cooling. Maintenance of the AC unit is important, and when there is less dirt and dust in the unit, your AC can work more efficiently. The less your unit is forced to work harder, the more money you can save.