Have you ever wanted to crank up your air conditioning in the middle of summer, only to find that it just doesn’t seem to be blowing very strong?   It’s extremely frustrating and affects our comfort level significantly. Let’s explore why this happens so you can avoid these issues and keep your air condition blowing strong throughout the summer.

Low airflow can be due to one of the following reasons:

Issues with the air duct

The air duct is responsible for carrying air to all the rooms. It is similar to the arteries and veins transporting blood through the human body. The air flow in the rooms can get constricted due to issues in the air duct system.

The possible problems with the air duct that restrict sufficient air flow are:

  • Loose ductwork
  • Leaky air ducts
  • Bends
  • Improperly insulated or designed ducts
  • Dirty air ducts

Frozen evaporator coil

An AC works by blowing air over the evaporator coil in order to cool it. If the coil turns excessively cold, it is likely to freeze. The coil turns into a huge block of ice which slows down the flow of air through the house. The return grates and supply vents have to be opened and unblocked to check the refrigerant level and blower.

Issues with the blower

Blower adds force to the movement of air around the house as the duct transports it. Dirty blower wheels, worn out fan belts and malfunctioning motors can cause weak airflow.

Dirty air filters

The air passing through the AC system collects dust, dirt and debris. This can mix quite easily with the indoor air. A dirty air filter prevents clean air to pass through. To prevent clogging the air filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly.


Most thermostats control both the central air and central heat. Ensure that the switch on the thermostat is set to “cool” instead of “heat”. Turn off the heat and air conditioning and then turn the blower switch on. If the blower is on in the manual setting, it means you have a faulty thermostat which must be replaced.


There is a series of circuit breakers in the main electrical panel of the house. The air conditioning system usually has two breakers. One of them controls the power to the motor and the other one to the condenser. If the circuit breaker has tripped, the blower motor won’t work. If the breaker trips even after resetting, you might need to call a technician.

Regular inspections can catch serious problems before they start worsening. After all, you sure do not want to be bothered with air conditioning problems at the peak of summer!