Air conditioning has become a necessity these days, and life can become near intolerable if your air conditioner stops functioning. Air conditioners have become commonplace in offices. And for people who spend a lot of time traveling on the road, their vehicles would also be equipped with a cooling unit. Since air conditioners can be pricey and repairs costly, we would advise you to make sure your cooling system is in tip-top shape. Along with maintenance, it would be a good idea to be aware of the common problems that can affect the functioning of an air conditioning unit.

Filter problems:

One of the common reasons why air conditioners may not be working properly is that it might be blocked by a dirty filter. You may read up on your manufacturer’s suggestions to know how often you should change your air filter. The common way to determine the filter is dirty or clogged in is to check whether any light can pass through it or not. If it does then all you have to do is sit back and relax. But if it doesn’t, it means it’s time to clean it. It has been observed in certain instances that dirty filters not only reduce the flow of air but may cause the air conditioning unit to freeze as well.


Compressor problems:

You should know that the compressor is the heart of the cooling unit. It cycles by drawing in cool and low pressure refrigerant gas from the indoors. Energy is applied by the compressor to the refrigerant. It propels it through the coils to further the process of heat exchange. Sadly, if the compressor malfunctions or doesn’t function at all, it goes without saying that your air conditioner will not cool your home. If the refrigerant is not enough, the compressor will become hot and stop working. Also, you should know that if the refrigerant is too much, it can cause the compressor to fail.


Refrigerant leak problems:

Now that you would know refrigerant too is essential, you would also like to know what will happen if your air conditioner is low on refrigerant. When the unit is low on refrigerant, it means it was either undercharged at the time of installation or that it is leaking. However, leaking does not mean that you can add more refrigerant just to solve the issue. A technician or a professional air conditioning expert can fix any leak and charge your system with the right amount of refrigerant needed. You should remember that the efficiency and performance of your unit is at its maximum when the refrigerant charge matches the specifications of the manufacturer. It should neither be overcharged nor undercharged. And since refrigerant leaks are harmful to the environment, we would advise you to seek professional services before the harm is caused.


Electric control failure:

Another common sign that your air conditioner is not functioning well and needs repairing, is the wearing out of compressor and fan controls. The wear out can be due to turning on and off the unit frequently. While in other systems, it could be the corrosion of wire and terminals. It would be needless to say that if you feel this is preventing your cooling unit from functioning, you should call for professional services.


Drainage problems:

Just like the filter, the drain line too can become blocked or clogged with dirt and dust. On being blocked up, the drain pan will get filled up. This will cause the water to leak out, thus, making damage to the air conditioning unit as well as everything that is around the drain pan.