Made in the SHADE

Many people living in South Florida actively seek shade. Its a tradition. Studies have shown that most people in Florida, when it comes to parking, if they can park in the shade, they will walk farther.

So it follows that most people would conclude that when the question arises of shading or not shading your air […]

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Why You Should Look At Popular Air Conditioner Brands

If you’re planning on installing a new AC unit in your home, you’re going to have to decide what kind of air conditioner you want. You should look at popular air conditioner brands before you look at anything else. Why should you start with the most popular brands? Here are a few of the many […]

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Maintaining Your AC In The Palm City Heat – Easy Tips Anyone Can Follow

As the year plods along, the summer months are sure to rear their head in what will essentially feel like an instant. If you live in a particularly warm climate, the middle of the year can be absolutely oppressive. That’s doubly true if you’re in an area with high humidity! No matter where you are, […]

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5 Negative Effects of Humidity in Your Home

Unless you’re purposefully using a sauna or are ready to relax on a hot beach in the sun, chances are you’re not in favor of humidity. Unfortunately, there’s no way to escape the thick and grueling waves of it when you live in the South. But you can apply simple steps to avoid these 5 […]

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Your AC is Cold: 5 Reason Why Your Air Conditioner Freezes

The air-conditioning unit is supposed to blow cool, refreshing air throughout your home, right? You can pretty much spot it right away if there is problem with the unit. Blowing warm air or the presence of a funky smell are noticeable indicators of a problem. But what if you don’t notice the problem occurring? To […]

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UV Light Purifiers And What You Need To Know

There is more than one way to purify the air in your home! This UV light technique for your HVAC system uses a germicidal light that produce UV wavelengths, strong enough to kill even the smallest bacteria. Although this method of air cleaning may seem low maintenance, there are several specific requirements that occasionally need […]

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Ways to Cut Home Air Conditioner Costs

Although we are moving into the Christmas season, the past couple years have proven that in Florida that doesn’t mean much! Although the rest of the country is starting to see temperatures drop as we head into the end of the year, Florida remains at comfortable temperatures fit for the beach. As such, the winter […]

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5 hidden signs that your commercial refrigerator needs a Pro

Is your refrigerator running? 5 hidden signs that your commercial refrigerator needs a Pro

You know your business from top to bottom, probably more so than your own employees. But sometimes even your own eyes can deceive you. Your business depends on your keen eyesight and intuition when somethings is amiss. Your commercial refrigerator is not […]

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5 Consequences of Neglecting your Air Conditioning Unit

You go to your doctors for an annual exam to make sure your body is working properly, correct? The same rule applies to household appliances such as your water heaters and air-conditioning units. These are necessities that need a check-up to prevent hazards or damages later on. These five mishaps listed below will explain the […]

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What’s that smell? – Top Reasons why your AC is burning

Unless you’re throw logs onto a fire, it isn’t normal for your AC to give off a burning odor. Whether you notice a faint or strong burning smell that is coming from your heat pump or furnace, you may consider having it checked by a professional. The safety of your family comes first, and you […]

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