You prepare your home for the possibility of severe storms. You invest in perishable foods and water, patch up loose shingles, replace windows, and take in lawn furniture. But do you ever consider maintenance to your A/C unit? According to, failure to maintenance your air conditioning unit before and after a storm is a common problem among homeowners. Whether it’s a major tropical storm or a quick electrical storm during rainy season, chances are your A/C is taking a hit. This can lead to serious malfunctions later on if not routine maintenanced. Let’s take a look at five ways you can take care and prepare your A/C unit before and after a storm.

Keep It Secure

Second or third story air conditioning units can take quite a bit of damage compared to those that are installed at a lower level. Elevated units are more susceptible to high-impact winds and fallen debri, so it’s best that you secure and stabilize all higher level units.

Check for Damages

More importantly – and before you turn on your A/C unit – check for any damages to your unit. Cracks, fallen debris, or even flooding can cause electrical disconnect or even refrigerant to leak, leading to the omission of toxic fumes. If you’re unsure of what to do, always seek professional help from expert HVAC contractors in Palm City.

Disassemble Electricity

Tropical storms can accompany some heavy lightning and rain. Go beyond turning off all air conditioning units to disconnecting them from outlets. This will save you time and money from unwanted repairs.

Cool Your Home In Advance

Tropical storms can push through some hot and bothersome weather. But what’s worse is turning on your A/C and finding that it’s not pushing cool air. If you believe a tropical storm will cause a power outage, cool down your home by closing curtains, shutting windows, and lowering the thermostat. This will keep the cool air stationary until the power is restored.

Contact a Professional

Lastly, if you feel that the storm will be severe at any point or the aftermath is leaving you unsure about the condition of your units, call a professional A/C repair service in Palm City. All of the above suggestions will help guide you safely through the storm; however, it’s always wise to consult an expert who knows that even the most subtle issues can be the most problematic.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in the thick of humidity without a fully functional A/C unit. Whether you’re looking for A/C unit repair in Palm City or you need a new unit altogether, call the Air Conditioning Experts today.