Unless you’re purposefully using a sauna or are ready to relax on a hot beach in the sun, chances are you’re not in favor of humidity. Unfortunately, there’s no way to escape the thick and grueling waves of it when you live in the South. But you can apply simple steps to avoid these 5 negatives that tag along with unwanted humidity. Check out these tips on how to combat the negatives when the heat is strong.

Interior Damage

Excess moisture can have an effect on your household furnishings, such as your leather couches or even wood paneling. When you let humidity or moisture consumes the air in your home, you are taking the chance that it can decay your most favored possessions. You may not notice it until it is too late. Decay is caused by fungi that grows and eats away at surfaces.

Your Health

Humidity and health problems go hand in hand. Heat and moisture attract various microorganisms and bacteria that love to linger in the air and affect the human immune system. Allergens, asthma, and other health problems arise. Even the healthiest of people can fall victim to the menacing moisture.

Bugging You

If you hadn’t notice already, insects love a warm climate. Humid climates of 70-80% increase moisture levels which provide a breeding ground for pests such as bed bugs. Maintaining a humidity level of 40-50% keeps bugs at bay, so it’s a smart investment to have an even temperature at all times.


Electronics (such as DVD players and that most expensive iPad) can feel the devastating effects of humidity. After a while, moisture can corrode the internal parts, causing short circuits and other malfunctions.


Last but not least, mold thrives in warmer climates. Its damaging fungi lead to spores that travel through the air. They latch onto clothing and are inhaled by your pets and loved ones. Mold is not an organic substance to be taken lightly. Studies have shown that indoor pollution is the cause of 50% of all illnesses, and most of us don’t even know it’s going on!

What You Can Do

Humidity will always be around, but it doesn’t have to have its way in your home. If brand new air conditioners are too costly, there are some ways to combat the moisture in conjunction with the one you already have. These common household tools will help keep moisture at bay and should be used frequently.


This tool is often thought of as something we use to level the temperature in a child’s room so they may sleep more soundly at night. But investing in a dehumidifier throughout the home is a wise choice as well. A dehumidifier will suck the moisture out of the air without leaving any chance for those damaging microorganisms to spread. You will need to move your dehumidifier from room to room every 24 to 36 hours.

Clean More Than Frequently

If your home is a moisture magnet, you will want to wipe down surfaces with bleach and water almost every day or when they are in use. Again, moisturized air will collect unwanted germs and bacteria and will fall directly on the places you love to lounge, cook, and even sleep.

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