Is your refrigerator running? 5 hidden signs that your commercial refrigerator needs a Pro

You know your business from top to bottom, probably more so than your own employees. But sometimes even your own eyes can deceive you. Your business depends on your keen eyesight and intuition when somethings is amiss. Your commercial refrigerator is not just an average fridge. You are aware of the importance and difference from your commercial fridge versus your residential so before you run into a breakage blunder or, even worse, a major leak, these signs will help you pay attention to even the most subtle signs of trouble within your hvac system.


Rise in Energy Bills

So, everything seems to be working just fine except that you notice that your energy bill has gone up the past few cycles. This could be a sign that your refrigerator needs a repair and should be inspected by an expert right away. Maybe you notice a slightly warmer than usual temperature drop in your refrigerator. Your local technician will perform a simple repair to determine the cause of warmer temperature and save you from paying more than you should.

Thermostat Trouble

If you notice that your thermostat in your hvac system reads warm but you’re feeling cold air when you open the doors, chances are that your thermostat is going bad. The compressor and thermostat work together to create a cool refrigerator so if the thermostat is reading warmer than it should, this sends  signal to the compressor to work overtime to keep it cool. A contractor will replace the thermostat in an effort to resolve the issue but if the thermostat continues to work overtime, you may need to replace the motor as well.

Hot Refrigerator

Even if you don’t suspect an issue with your refrigerator, it’s essential to have it check out to be safe. Especially if you notice that your refrigerator is hot, this could be the cause of trouble such as bad sealing system, not getting proper airflow through your foods, or condenser coils that need cleaning. If you find that your food is spoiling quickly because of improper packaging, you may need to invest in a bigger fridge. A regular cleaning will prevent oil build-up in the coils as well.

Frost Build Up

If you notice an abundance of ice or frost on the walls or the freezer or floors of the refrigerator, the evaporator coils that control the temperature within your fridge can start to develop more ice than usual and drastic temperature changes.

Strong Oder

This sign may be difficult to distinguish if you do not check your food for spoilage beforehand. If you feel all of your food is fresh and up to date, and the foul stale odor still remains, the condenser may be malfunctioning and needs immediate assistance.


If you have questions or concerns about your commercial refrigerator in Martin County, don’t hesitate to call your local hvac contractors. You will save yourself the hassle and money later on by catching even the smallest, subtle issues right away.