Do you know the air quality in your home? Perhaps your allergies are more than just what you think. Have you tested the air in your home lately? Most Americans have poor air quality in their home. Here are three tell-tale signs that your home air might be polluted.

Notice a Change in Your Lungs

Believe it or not, when you listen to your lungs, it will tell you a great deal of what’s wrong before anything else. The chemicals in the air affect your lungs almost immediately and you can experience pneumonia like symptoms or bronchitis is a result of toxins in the air. When you notice a negative change in your breathing, especially when you’re home in comparison to when you’re outside, that’s when you should call a professional to have your air system inspected or cleaned. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of cleaning the air ducts. But you’ll never know if you don’t take action to get an inspection.

Repairs or Home Improvements

If you’ve recently had Home improvements done to your home or any other renovation, this could be the culprit for pollution in your home air. For example, you may have had flooring replaced or have done some other major updates such as painting and using chemicals in the process. These can collect in your HVAC system and start circulating through the air in your home. The recent repairs are home improvements and the chemicals you have used could be the reason you’re experiencing negative health effects.

Inconsistencies with Air Distribution

You don’t have to experience a health issue in order to identify or notice inconsistencies within your home. For example your HVAC system could potentially be affecting the airflow quality if you noticed that one spot of your room is colder than another. Pay attention to humidity levels as well as mugginess or dryness in the house. This could be a sign that you have poor indoor air circulation. An HVAC professional can help you identify the problem closely. It’s important to have an experienced professional scan your HVAC system closely and repair or replace the necessary appliances. Depending on the situation, you may need a humidifier or dehumidifier to help bring the humidity level back to normal.

You should have your home air quality tested a few times a year or after any major renovation. This will help you and your family stay healthy and safe at home.

Have you tested the quality of your air in your home lately? Give the AirXperts Air Conditioning team a call so they can inspect and detect the quality of your home air. Contact them for a free home estimate today.